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How do I change my nose pin?

Nose Ring Jewelry

Once your nose piercing has healed, you may wish to switch your nose ring jewelry for a fresh new look. Nose ring jewelry is perhaps the easiest to remove and replace, as it simply involves sliding the ring around to its empty gap and then sliding the ring completely out of your nose.

Nose pins with an "L"-shaped pin require a little manipulation, but if you're totally healed it shouldn't hurt. Just stick the bottom of the "L" into the piercing, then lift the tip of the pin so that the rest of the angle slides right in. Nose screws are quite easy as well: Take the edge of the screw and, well, screw it in, just as you would a light bulb.

Always wash your hands before and after touching your piercing -- even if it's healed. Also, use a little sterile lubricant on the tip of your nose pin or nose ring jewelry to aid in easy insertion.


Nose Ring With A Cold

Everyone who has their nose pierced will eventually suffer from a runny nose, due to a cold, allergies or other situation. Be careful when blowing your nose, especially if the nose ring is new (you'll learn this right away).

If your nose ring is less than four months old, it will be tender to the touch as well as susceptible to infection. Make sure to clean your piercing frequently if you are blowing your nose a lot, to get rid of tissue debris and any other dirt build up. Try to keep your hands off the piercing and don't pinch your nose hard when wiping with a tissue. Use whatever cleaning method your piercer recommends, such as Hibiclens or Ocean saline spray.


Nose Ring Materials and Styles

There are many different styles of nose studs to be found on the Internet and in shops. Stick to those made with surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, nobium or 14 kt gold. Sterling silver is also an option, but tends to bother a lot of people when used in the nostril.

Nose studs can have crystals or even real gemstones inlayed in them, and 14 kt gold with a diamond is a popular (though expensive) option. Remember to buy the correct gauge for the piercing (usually 18 or 20, ask your piercer), and sterilize any new jewelry thoroughly before changing nose rings.


Nose Piercing Jewelry

There are two basic types of nose jewelry available: rings or studs. If this is a new piercing and you really want the easiest type of jewelry to keep clean, a ring is your best bet. It's easy to turn in the piercing and you can clean the length of the nose jewelry more easily.

Nose studs come in two forms: nose screws which are bent to stay in place and nose bones which have a small bead at the end of the post to keep it from falling out. Most piercers will recommend the nose screw over the bone, and they will not put a nose bone in as your first nose jewelry.

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