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What is the strongest muscle in the body?

Strength of the Tongue

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body, and, therefore, it heals very well. No matter how long you have your unique body jewelry in your tongue, your tongue will retain its ability to heal. However, if you still want to wear tongue jewelry, try a new tongue barbell to pump up your strongest muscle.

How should I clean my pierced tongue when it's healing?

Tongue Piercing Safety

You should clean your mouth with Listerine or another type of antiseptic mouthwash after every time you put food or any liquid other than water in your mouth. You should also wash your mouth with a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution (50% water, 50% hydrogen peroxide) every morning and every evening. DO NOT SWALLOW THIS MIXTURE. It may not kill you, but it is an extremely powerful laxative.

Should I get a body piercing while I’m pregnant?


If you care about your unborn child, you shouldn't get a body piercing while you're pregnant. Your immune system is weakened while your piercing is healing, and, thus, you and your child will be more susceptible to illness. Besides, reputable piercing artists will refuse to pierce someone who is known to be pregnant.

What is a Prince Albert piercing?

Penis Piercing History

Prince Albert was the husband of Queen Victoria of England, and at the time of her reign, ultra-tight men's trousers were in vogue. To avoid an unseemly bulge in his pants, a man needed a means to hold his penis to one side or the other. One method was to have the penis pierced and held by a hook on the inside of the trousers. It is not surprising that looser pants soon came back into style.

Why do people get their noses pierced?

Nose Piercing History

Although nose piercing is largely done as a means of ornamentation these days, it has deeper meaning for other cultures. Some nomadic peoples in Africa assess the wealth of a family by the size of a woman's nose ring. In India, piercing the left side of the nose is supposed to make childbirth easier and lessen menstrual pain.

How should I clean a freshly pierced body area?

Washing a Pierced Body Area

For the first few weeks, you should wash your piercing twice a day with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Make sure that you move the earring so that the water and soap gets into all of the pierced area. Afterward, you should also make sure that you thoroughly rinse to get the soap out of the pierced area. Finally, you should gently dry the piercing.

Should I pierce my nose if I have allergies?

Nose Piercing Tips

Due to tenderness, it will be difficult to relieve your sinuses during the first few weeks that your piercing is healing. Piercing can lower your immune system, so avoid piercing during the height of the allergy or flu season. Once your piercing has healed, however, blowing your nose should feel relatively the same as before you first inserted sexy body jewelry in your nose.

Is it safe to pierce nipples?

Nipple Piercing Safety

It is quite safe to pierce nipples, but be certain that whoever performs the piercing has sterile body piercing tools and sterile body nipple jewelry. You should also consider what type of nipple jewelry you wear. There is a risk of getting caught on something or someone if you were jewelry that dangles, and unless you're a masochist, you probably don't want the experience of having your nipple torn off. It hurts even more than piercing the nipple.

How long have people been piercing their noses?

Nose Piercing History

Nose piercing was performed as far back as 4,000 years ago in the Middle East. According to the Bible, Abraham's son Isaac gave a nose ring as a unique body jewelry gift to his wife, Rebekah. Many years later, the practice of nose piercing was brought from the Middle East to India by the Mogul emperors.

Is nose piercing becoming popular?

Nose Piercing Popularity

Although nose piercing may be becoming more socially acceptable, it is still a relatively unique style of body piercing. However, you may have noticed a celebrity or two with a pierced nose. Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Sinead O'Connor, and Slash from Guns and Roses have all poked a hole in their nose.

Where can I find erotic body jewelry?

Nipple Jewelry

Well, all jewelry can be erotic body jewelry, but body nipple jewelry is particularly sexy. There is a tremendous variety of beautiful dangle body jewelry, shields, and other styles of nipple jewelry to titillate those lucky enough to see them. Of course, there are a few other delicate areas where you can put sexy jewelry.

What are the different types of tongue jewelry?

Tongue Jewelry Styles

There are many different types of sexy body jewelry for the tongue. A new and interesting style is the vibrating tongue ring – quite likely to attract attention. There are also gem barbells and blinking body jewelry that may attract more attention than your typical metal tongue barbell.

How long have people been piercing their lips?

Lip Piercing

Males of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations wore intricately designed labrets (lip jewelry). They wore gold labrets in the shape of serpents, gold labrets inlaid with stones, and other sexy body jewelry made with jade or obsidian (volcanic glass). The Inuits and Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest have long worn labrets made from ivory, shells, bones, obsidian, and wood. Women of the Makololo tribe of Malawi have traditionally worn lip jewelry that is a bit more extreme. They wear plates in the upper lip. Not to be outdone, members of the Saras-Djinjas tribe wear plates in both lips that are sometimes as large as 24 cm in diameter.

What is the little bump that sometimes appears above a body piercing?

Piercing Bumps

It's unlikely that the bump is a keloid (raised formation of scar tissue). It's more likely that the little bump you see above your body piercing is filled with fluids that are associated with healing. With a little patience and consistent cleaning, that little bump should disappear after a few days. Consult a doctor if the bump lasts more than a week.

How was nose piercing introduced to the West?

Nose Piercing History

Nose piercing was brought to the West by hippies who had traveled in India during the late 1960s. The practice was later adopted by members of the Punk movement during the late 1970s as a symbol of rebellion against conservatism.

When should I replace the long bar that is left in while a tongue piercing is healing?

Tongue Piercing Tip

You can replace the long bar with a shorter bar after the swelling has reduced sufficiently. Typically, 10 days is a good benchmark for replacing your long tongue barbell. If you're unsure, consult a piercing professional

What are some concerns about piercing the tongue?

Tongue Piercing Safety

There are a lot of bacteria in the mouth, so infection is a major concern. The chances of transmitting an STD are also higher when a piercing is healing. (Obviously, you should always be concerned about STDs, regardless of whether you have a pierced tongue.) Sexy body jewelry in the tongue can also damage the teeth and gums over time, so monitor these areas if you decide to get your tongue pierced.

How long ago did people wear erotic body jewelry?

Nipple Piercing History

Although they probably wouldn't call it erotic jewelry, Roman Centurions used to wear armored breastplates that had rings inserted near the nipple area, and capes were often hung from these rings. Some people believe that the nipples were actually pierced, but who would voluntarily hang a cape from their nipples?
In the middle of the 14th century, Queen Isabella of Bavaria introduced a dress style that was open all the way to the navel. Women took advantage of this opportunity by adorning their exposed nipples with diamond studded rings.

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