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Should I get Italian charms bracelets that are bigger than my children’s wrists so that they can grow into them?

Italian Charm Bracelet for a Child

Although it's tempting to get an oversized Italian charm bracelet for your child to grow into, you should consider that the bracelets may accidentally fall off your children's wrists. The stainless steel italian charm bracelet is relatively inexpensive to replace when the children get bigger, and you can easily move the cherished and expensive Italian link charms from the smaller bracelet onto the larger bracelet.

How should I protect my Italian charms bracelets?

Italian Charms Protection

Take off your Italian charms bracelets before showering or swimming to protect your Italian charm bracelet and your Italian link charms. Also, you should never use any chemicals to clean your bracelets or links.

Are ther any unique styles of Italian link charms?

Unique Styles of Italian Charms

Italian link charms come in a vast variety of styles so you are bound to find one that suits you. You can find Hologram gemstone Italian link charms as well as dangling Italian link charms that add a creative flair to your charm bracelets. There are also charms that cater to fans of Looney Toons, Betty Boop and Sesame Street. You can make your italian link charm bracelet as creative and interesting as you are!

What should I do if I’m having trouble linking my Italian charms together?

Italian Charms Tools

There are a number of Italian charm tools that make it a little easier to add and remove Italian link charms from your Italian charm bracelet. Charm keys and other linking tools make it a little less strenuous to add or remove your Italian charms — a good idea for people with arthritis. Using the proper tool also decreases wear and tear on your Italian charm bracelet and increases its longevity.

Are there any types of Italian link charms that are appropriate for adults and children?

Italian Charms for Adults and Children

Betty Boop, Popeye, Looney Tunes, and Sesame Street character Italian link charms are just a few examples of unique body jewelry pieces that would be wonderful additions to a child or adult Italian charm bracelet.

Are there different widths for Italian charms bracelets?

Width of Italian Charm Bracelet

There are three different widths for the typical Italian charm bracelet, and, correspondingly, three different widths for Italian link charms. The sizes are small (6.5 mm, ¼ inch), medium (9 mm, 5/16 inch), and large (13 mm, ½ inch). Medium is the most popular width for the Italian charm bracelet, and, therefore, there is a large selection of medium Italian link charms. The large width Italian charm bracelet is popular with men, women with larger wrists, and anyone who is looking for a bolder style.

How should I clean Italian link charms and Italian charms bracelets?

Cleaning an Italian Charm

You should only use warm water and a soft polishing cloth to clean your Italian link charms and your Italian charm bracelet. Since genuine Italian link charms are made of 18 karat gold and stainless steel, you shouldn't worry about tarnish or rust.

Do you know where I can find stores that sell Italian Charms besides online?

Finding Italian Charm Stores

A good place to look for Italian charms are the chains of jewelry stores in malls, which will sell the modular Italian charms (such as Zoppini and related brands). Piercing Pagoda and Solid Gold are two examples of kiosks/stores that sell these charms. Other places to look for Italian charms are stores such as collectible shops, and flea markets and craft shows. Finally, there are some larger department stores (such as Macy's and Filene's) that do sell the Italian charms, but depending on the popularity of the product, they may not always be available.

Are Italian link charms and Italian link bracelets really made in Italy?

Manufacturing Italian Charms

Reputable retailers sell authentic Italian link charms and Italian charm bracelets designed and manufactured in Italy. Be careful when buying discount Italian charms or wholesale Italian charms. It is possible to buy body jewelry online that is genuine and inexpensive, but the retailer should be able to provide verification that the charms were made in Italy from 18 karat gold and stainless steel.

Why is it important to buy Italian link charms that were made in Italy?

Authentic Italian Charm

Inferior Italian charms that weren't made in Italy may not link properly with a genuine gold Italian charm or fit onto a genuine Italian charm bracelet. Also, inferior links and bracelets may consist of lower grade metals that will tarnish or rust.

Can I put my Italian charms on my bracelet by myself?

Adding an Italian Charm

It is a very simple process to put an Italian charm onto an Italian charm bracelet. Simply use your thumb to slide open the spring-loaded clasp mechanism on each link that you want to join, hook them together at a 45 degree angle, and then release the clasp mechanisms. The links should lock together.

How do you store Italian charms and are all Italian charms surgical stainless steel!

Italian Charm Bracelet Care

Caring for your Italian charms can vary based on the materials that they are made of. Most Italian charms are made of stainless steel, but some higher end manufacturers create links out of gold. There are also gold-plated links and charms with embellishments like jewels and gold pieces.

The best way to store your Italian charm bracelet is to link the charms together in a bracelet fashion (even the ones you don't want to currently wear - create a seperate bracelet of these) and keep them in a jewelry box or pouch alone, not touching other jewelry. That way, your Italian charms will not get scratched or scratch other jewelry you own.

Are there any unique ways to wear my Italian charms bracelets?

Unique Italian Charm Bracelet Styles

Try putting your Italian charm bracelet on your ankles — a unique way to show off your unique Italian link charms. You may also want to wear multiple bracelets on your wrist or ankle as a means to help you stand out in a crowd.

What are the length sizes for Italian charms bracelets?

Italian Charms Bracelets Length

The typical Italian charm bracelet comes in six different adult sizes: petite (6 ¼”), small (6 ½”), medium (7”), large (7 ¼”), extra large (7 ¾”), and long (8”). The bracelets also come in three different children's sizes: toddler (5”), child (5 ¼”), and youth (5 ¾”). However, the widths are the same as the adult sizes.

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