Nose Ring Jewelry

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How do I change my nose pin?

Nose Ring Jewelry

Once your nose piercing has healed, you may wish to switch your nose ring jewelry for a fresh new look. Nose ring jewelry is perhaps the easiest to remove and replace, as it simply involves sliding the ring around to its empty gap and then sliding the ring completely out of your nose.

Nose pins with an "L"-shaped pin require a little manipulation, but if you're totally healed it shouldn't hurt. Just stick the bottom of the "L" into the piercing, then lift the tip of the pin so that the rest of the angle slides right in. Nose screws are quite easy as well: Take the edge of the screw and, well, screw it in, just as you would a light bulb.

Always wash your hands before and after touching your piercing -- even if it's healed. Also, use a little sterile lubricant on the tip of your nose pin or nose ring jewelry to aid in easy insertion.



4/30/2009 1:43:52 AM
Melissa said:

My nose stud is just the straight stud with a ball at the end and I've had it pierced for a few years now but it hurts so bad and is stuck when i try to remove the nose stud. What's going on? How do i remove this thing?


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