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How do I care for my belt buckle?

Caring for your belt and belt buckles

Tips to keep your belt and belt buckle looking new:

- If your belt is leather, condition it every six months to keep the leather shiny and to prevent it from drying out.

- Gold belt buckles should be cleaned with warm water and non-detergent soap. Scrub the gold belt buckle with a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching it.

- Silver belt buckles should be cleaned with silver polish and a soft cloth as soon as the metal begins to appear tarnished.

What types of exotic belt buckles can I buy?

Exotic belt buckles

Exotic belt buckles can be an unexpected twist to any outfit. Look for some of the below exotic belts and belt buckles:

- Kama sutra belt buckles feature exotic, erotic design only noticable to those who study your belt buckle closely.

- Belt buckles can be put on belts made of exotic skins. You can purchase belts made of lizard, alligator, leather, buffalo hide, kangaroos, ostrich, and more.

What is the “lost wax” investment casting method?

Investment Casting Method

The lost wax investment casting method is used to make sterling silver belt buckles and other types of metal jewelry. First, a belt buckle design is sculpted in wax. Next, the wax sculpture is covered with plaster and allowed to dry. The plaster covered sculpture is baked in a kiln, and the wax melts away to leave a plaster mold. Sterling silver is then poured into the mold. After cooling, the plaster is broken off to reveal the sterling silver buckle casting.

Can I customize my belt buckle?

Personalized belt buckles

Personalized belt buckles are a great way to add your unique flare to the popular trend. Many body jewelry Web sites allow you to pick the metal color, colored gemstones, and shape for your belt buckle. If you really want to stand out, there are LED scrolling text belt buckles that will make a statement when you walk into any room.

Are there any fancy designer belt buckles?

Fancy Belt Buckles

American cowboys are known for wearing large, intricately designed belt buckles. These custom belt buckles, however, are often very pricey. If you want a belt buckle to wear at the night club, you might want to take a look at the unique line of Pamela Anderson belt buckles. Her exotic belt buckles aren't very expensive, and the intricate designs definitely attract attention.

Are personalized belt buckles expensive?

Personalized Belt Buckles

Some online purveyors of discount body jewelry offer personalized belt buckles for as little as $5. You can put your name or a short phrase on these custom belt buckles, to highlight your own individuality. Make your personal statement to the world or just highlight a great outfit!

How long have people been wearing belt buckles?

History of Belt Buckles

Bronze belt buckles from the Byzantine empire (circa 500-900 A.D.) have been found in the Middle East, and belt buckles from the Viking era (circa 800-1000 A.D.) would certainly be considered as premium designer belt buckles by today's standards. You can actually purchase some of these ancient belt buckles via online auctions.

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