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How do I determine my belly chain size?

Belly Chains Length

Belly chains are not a belt meant to hold up your pants. They hang from your waist, so a belly chain should be several inches longer than your waist. For instance, a woman with a 29” waist should get a belly chain that is 34”-36”.

Who popularized belly chains?

Belly Dancers

For centuries, belly dancers have been wearing belly chains to accentuate their movements when performing. To draw further attention to their stomachs, they also wore other types of jewelry close to the navel.

Are there many styles of belly chains?

Variety of Belly Chains

There are many different styles of unique belly chains. You can buy gold belly chains, sterling silver belly chains, personalized belly chains, crystal belly chains, and dangling belly chains. Typically, however, the belly chains are made from metal that is cheaper than silver or steel.

What outfit should I wear a belly chain with?

How to wear your belly chain

Belly chains are worn to accentuate the bare mid-drift, so wear an outfit that exposes your midsection. Low-rise pants and a cropped top expose just enough skin to show off a belly chain. Belly chains can be either dressed up or down, worn with other body jewelry or alone. A belly chain can add a wow factor to a simple t-shirt or tank top and jeans or be the centerpiece of a sexy nighttime outfit. However you decide to wear your belly chain, wear it with confidence.

What size belly chain should I get?

How to find the perfect-sized belly chain

Belly chains are made in different lengths and are usually adjustable. Measure around your belly, several inches above your hip. The belly chain should drape across your body with enough slack that you can move your belly freely.

When do I wear my belly chain?

Belly chains on the beach

Summer is the perfect time to decorate your skin with body jewelry. If you're heading to the beach, dress up your beachwear with a belly chain. The sunshine will make your belly chain shimmer, catching the gaze of all on the beach. Remember to remove your belly chain if you go for a swim so the metal doesn't tarnish or it doesn't get swept away by the sea.

Are belly chains expensive?

Belly Chains Online

Buy body jewelry online if you want inexpensive belly chains. A belly chain that may retail for $49 at a body jewelry shop can be had for $20 from an online retailer. However, expect to pay more if you want a sterling silver or gold belly chain.

What should I do when it gets too cold to wear belly chains?

Belly Chains in Winter

Cold weather doesn't mean that you have to put your belly chains away. You can wear unique belly chains (with a crystal or gemstone ornament) outside your clothing as stylish belts during the wintertime.

Where do I wear a belly chain?

Belly chains on the town

Put on your belly chains, grab your girlfriends, and go out for a night on the town. Belly chains are unique pieces of body jewelry that originate from traditional Middle Eastern belly dancing garb, so the perfect place to start your evening is at a belly dancing class. Afterwards, tantalize with your new moves at a dance club. Some cities have clubs that offer belly dancing nights, where local belly dancers gather to shimmy their belly chains all night long.

How should I wear a belly chain?

Belly Chain Basics

A belly chain is a beautiful accessory for warm weather wear. They can be paired with low-waist jeans or skirts as well as with your two-piece at the beach. Ideally, your belly chain should hang just below your belly button, anchored by your hips. Here are a few tips for finding the right belly chain:

  • Measure around your midriff, just above your hipbones. Leave a little slack. This measurement will be the ideal length of belly chain.
  • Choose a chain that's made of a high quality metal, like sterling silver. These chains look great against all skin tones and are easily cleaned by dipping in silver polish, then giving a quick warm water rinse.
  • Balance is everything: Wear a simple belly chain with more complex outfits, like jeans and tops. If you're wearing simple clothing, like a bikini or a sarong, you can generally go with more ornate belly chains.
  • If you tan regularly, remove the belly chain or you'll get tan lines!

Do I have to get pierced to wear a belly chain?

Belly Button Jewelry Alternatives

Not up for a belly button piercing? Consider a Belly chain! The beauty of belly chains is that you don't have to get pierced. Regardless of the style that you choose, you can put belly chains on or take them off whenever and wherever you want. They are excellent alternatives (or additions) to the belly button ring or navel ring as well as a beautiful and elegant accessory for your wardrobe. Belly chains are also an all season accessory so tuck in your shirt and still show off your personal style!

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