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Septum Piercing

Your septum is the small strip of skin that is between your nostrils, just before the cartilage of the nose. Septum piercings are also known as "bull rings" as they look like the ring a bull has in its nose. The good thing about a septum piercing is its ease of being hidden. If you get the area pierced with a circular (horseshoe) barbell, you can flip the piercing upwards into the nostrils and hide it completely. For this reason, a septum piercing is a great piece of body jewelry to have for someone who wants to conceal the piercing for work or other reasons.


Gold Body Jewelry

Once you have a fully healed piercing, you will probably want to get some new jewelry for it. You'll have many choices at this point; along with the stainless steel that you were probably pierced with, you can also choose other metals. The richest of these is gold, in 10 kt or 14 kt.

You'll want to make sure that you're buying gold and not gold-plated jewelry for your piercing, as the plated jewelry can cause reactions in sensitive people. Gold body jewelry will cost more than stainless steel, but it will give you a more elegant look.


Erotic Body Jewelry

People are taking body piercing to the extreme today, and that includes piercing both nipples and genitalia. Men and women have jumped on this trend, and there are various different parts of both genders' genitalia that can be pierced.

Be sure to ask at your piercing shop before going in for sexual body jewelry, as not all shops will pierce genitals. Also make sure that your chosen piercing shop is extremely sterile and private, as you do not want to feel uncomfortable while getting an erotic body piercing.


Unusual Body Piercings

You can get all sorts of areas of your ears pierced, from your tragus to your rook. There are genital and nipple piercings, and some people even get piercings that go through and under scars they have! When it comes to body piercing, it seems as though there is no limit to the imagination piercers can use to think up new and more daring piercings.


Body Piercing at Home

Self piercing is dangerous and can lead to permanent scarring. If it seems too expensive or too scary to get a body piercing from a piercing shop, you might need to do some research on body piercing. Be sure you want a piercing - even though the holes might grow shut, you can still end up with scarring or other after-effects.


Buying Body Jewelry

You can find a great selection of different types of body jewelery, as well as great prices. Often, you can write to or otherwise contact the owners of the online store and they'll be able to find you specific jewelry you're looking for.

A couple of things to consider when you're looking for body jewelry:
- Make sure you're buying from a reputable source.
- Do your research. Know the approximate retail value of what you're looking for, so that you know what to expect when shopping online.
- Make sure to contact the Web site you're buying from with any questions before you buy.


Eyebrow Jewelry

When you go to get your eyebrow pierced, you have two choices of eyebrow jewelry: a CBR (captive ball ring) or curved barbell. Either choice will look great, but the CBR will be easier to clean on a new piercing.

Occasionally, someone will try to get their eyebrow pierced with a straight barbell (which are mostly used for tongue piercings). It can be done, but the straight barbell has more of a risk of migration (growing out of the skin). Eyebrow piercings often have troubles with migration, so be sure not to play with a new piercing, and follow all of your piercer's aftercare instructions.


Scrolling Belt Buckles

Scrolling belt buckles are buckles that are made with an LED screen on the front. They can hold different phrases, names or sayings in their memories, and you can select between them while wearing the belt buckle. They are customizable and lots of fun, especially in a party or club environment.

A high end LED belt buckle (the ones that hold more phrases) go for around $30 online, but you can search around to find your own best price. These belt buckles are great for people who want to make their own statement and don't want to have to stick to saying just one thing.


Cheap Belt Buckles

When looking for personalized belt buckles, scrolling or LED belt buckles, you have many options. Some stores and even swap meets and flea markets sell these items at low prices due to their recent popularity. You can get an LED belt buckle and let it make whatever statement you program in, or even get a personalized belt buckle made while you wait.

Although you can buy cheap belt buckles in stores, often your most economical bet is to look on the Internet to find a better price. Many online stores will offer you a quick turnaround as well as better materials for the same, or cheaper, price than you'd pay in a store.


Finding Unique Belt Buckles

As body jewelry goes, you don't always need to pierce something to make a statement. Sometimes, you can even wear your jewelry on the outside of your clothes, as is the case with belt buckles.

Belt buckles are much more than just a means to keep your belt shut, you can get them to express many things about yourself and what you're into. You can get buckles that are personalized, have sports or companies on them, or other decorations. A scrolling belt buckle can display your name or even a message. Possibilities are endless, and it's easy to buy a few to switch around. You can also buy different belts on which to display your belt buckles.

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