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Body Jewelry at Prices That Will Make You Smile

Body jewelry is made to decorate your body. You might want to add some sparkle to a certain area of your body and you can do it with the right kind of jewelry.

High quality jewelry can be expensive and a little hard on the pocket book, so if you can get a discount that's definitely a bonus. Cheap body jewelry doesn't have to be junk.

Here are some suggestions on how to select quality body jewelry at discount outlets:

First, make sure the metal is genuine. You want something that is nickel-free and not a plated or fake metal. Surgical steel, sterling silver, titanium and 14K-16K gold are all good metals to use. They also have acrylic bases now that work well if they are kept clean.

Second, explore the reputation of the retailer. Do they have a good reputation of selling quality merchandise.

Third, choose a style that will accent your “look” and personality.

The jewelry you wear will give you a sense of individuality, be creative and have fun shopping for your items.


Piercing Your Face: What kinds of jewelry is safe?

Facial piercing is becoming more and more popular. Small diamonds or studs on the side of the nose was subtle yet different. Then came the rings in the middle of the nose; some might say that was inspired by a "raging bull," the kind that is seen in bullfights. Now there are people piercing their lips, tongues and eyebrows.

Discounted body jewelry can come in handy; especially if you have multiple piercings.

How can you tell if the jewelry you are purchasing is up to standard?

Here are some guidelines for body jewelry that might help determine whether you are getting a good deal on your discounted item.

1. Material should be surgical stainless steel, surgical titanium, Niobium (Nb), solid 14 karat or higher white or yellow nickel-free gold, solid platinum and a dense low porosity plastic such as Tygon or PTFE.

2. Jewelry should be free of nicks, stratches, burrs and polishing compounds since damaged or chemically treated metal could cause infection.

3. Rings should have rounded ends to ensure safety.

When shopping for jewelry keep these rules in mind so you can eliminate any items that may cause complications or infection.


Belt Buckle Fashion

Belt buckles are not just for cowboys anymore. The belt buckle has evolved from being a "prize" at the rodeo to a fashion accessory for both males and females.

Belt buckles are made to accent your outfit. Cheap belt buckles can be found at most retail stores. The retail chains that sell "trendy" merchandise usually sell fashionable, fairly cheap belt buckles.

Here are some uses for belt buckles besides holding up your pants.

Use them to accessorize your outfit. Buckles come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Add pizzazz to your wardrobe with a sparkling cubic zirconium buckle or shiny silver clasp.

Use them as a status symbol. Many people wear a certain type of buckles to represent something they are interested in or a product of some sort. For example, you can purchase belt buckles with Nascar symbols, NFL teams, Betty Boop, Harley Davidson and more. Sometimes certain groups or organization will have belt buckles with their logos on them.

Use them for gifts. You can customize belt buckles with inscriptions and give them as a special gift. Select your buckle and include a belt strap to match and you have the perfect combination.

Belt buckles have make their way into the fashion industry and it looks like they are here to stay.


Body Jewelry Cheap: Shop the Sales

Cheap prices don't have to mean low quality merchandise. Retail stores have clearance sales at certain times of the year. They clear out old merchandise to make room for new items.

Summer clearance usually takes place in July, fall fashion goes on sale in October, winter clearance happens in January and spring merchandise is cleared out in May. If you shop the sales you could stumble upon several "killer deals."

Some familiar jewelry pieces that are readily available at most retail body jewelry chains are belly button rings, nose rings, tongue rings and an old classic; earrings.


Belly Button Fashion at a Discount

If you are looking for a cheap belly button ring, but don't want to skimp on quality then searching the Web may the your best alternative. There are several sites that carry high quality body jewelry at discounted prices.

Your best option is to buy from a reputable company. There are several wholesale and discount stores on the Internet.

Another option is to buy from auction sites. With this option you need to be sure you look at the feedback of the seller and know what the jewelry is made of and where it is coming from.

One more choice is to shop the sales at the stores that sell body jewelry in your area.

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