Nose Ring Materials and Styles

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Nose Ring Materials and Styles

There are many different styles of nose studs to be found on the Internet and in shops. Stick to those made with surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, nobium or 14 kt gold. Sterling silver is also an option, but tends to bother a lot of people when used in the nostril.

Nose studs can have crystals or even real gemstones inlayed in them, and 14 kt gold with a diamond is a popular (though expensive) option. Remember to buy the correct gauge for the piercing (usually 18 or 20, ask your piercer), and sterilize any new jewelry thoroughly before changing nose rings.



5/13/2007 5:41:25 AM
vb said:

I just had my nose pierced yesterday. I really want to put in a tiny diamond later. I bought a nose stud to use and the stem is a twisted looking stem (not a hook as I have seen online). How do I insert this type of nose stud?


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