Body Jewelry at Prices That Will Make You Smile

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Body Jewelry at Prices That Will Make You Smile

Body jewelry is made to decorate your body. You might want to add some sparkle to a certain area of your body and you can do it with the right kind of jewelry.

High quality jewelry can be expensive and a little hard on the pocket book, so if you can get a discount that's definitely a bonus. Cheap body jewelry doesn't have to be junk.

Here are some suggestions on how to select quality body jewelry at discount outlets:

First, make sure the metal is genuine. You want something that is nickel-free and not a plated or fake metal. Surgical steel, sterling silver, titanium and 14K-16K gold are all good metals to use. They also have acrylic bases now that work well if they are kept clean.

Second, explore the reputation of the retailer. Do they have a good reputation of selling quality merchandise.

Third, choose a style that will accent your “look” and personality.

The jewelry you wear will give you a sense of individuality, be creative and have fun shopping for your items.



12/27/2008 10:18:10 PM
Jeanie said:

Sterling silver actually has highter amounts of nickel in it than the other suggestions, and is only acceptable in healed ear lobe piercings. Because it oxidizes easily, it can/will discolor the skin around the piercing.


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