Piercing Your Face: What kinds of jewelry is safe?

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Piercing Your Face: What kinds of jewelry is safe?

Facial piercing is becoming more and more popular. Small diamonds or studs on the side of the nose was subtle yet different. Then came the rings in the middle of the nose; some might say that was inspired by a "raging bull," the kind that is seen in bullfights. Now there are people piercing their lips, tongues and eyebrows.

Discounted body jewelry can come in handy; especially if you have multiple piercings.

How can you tell if the jewelry you are purchasing is up to standard?

Here are some guidelines for body jewelry that might help determine whether you are getting a good deal on your discounted item.

1. Material should be surgical stainless steel, surgical titanium, Niobium (Nb), solid 14 karat or higher white or yellow nickel-free gold, solid platinum and a dense low porosity plastic such as Tygon or PTFE.

2. Jewelry should be free of nicks, stratches, burrs and polishing compounds since damaged or chemically treated metal could cause infection.

3. Rings should have rounded ends to ensure safety.

When shopping for jewelry keep these rules in mind so you can eliminate any items that may cause complications or infection.



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