Belly Chain Basics

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How should I wear a belly chain?

Belly Chain Basics

A belly chain is a beautiful accessory for warm weather wear. They can be paired with low-waist jeans or skirts as well as with your two-piece at the beach. Ideally, your belly chain should hang just below your belly button, anchored by your hips. Here are a few tips for finding the right belly chain:

  • Measure around your midriff, just above your hipbones. Leave a little slack. This measurement will be the ideal length of belly chain.
  • Choose a chain that's made of a high quality metal, like sterling silver. These chains look great against all skin tones and are easily cleaned by dipping in silver polish, then giving a quick warm water rinse.
  • Balance is everything: Wear a simple belly chain with more complex outfits, like jeans and tops. If you're wearing simple clothing, like a bikini or a sarong, you can generally go with more ornate belly chains.
  • If you tan regularly, remove the belly chain or you'll get tan lines!



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