How to wear your belly chain

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What outfit should I wear a belly chain with?

How to wear your belly chain

Belly chains are worn to accentuate the bare mid-drift, so wear an outfit that exposes your midsection. Low-rise pants and a cropped top expose just enough skin to show off a belly chain. Belly chains can be either dressed up or down, worn with other body jewelry or alone. A belly chain can add a wow factor to a simple t-shirt or tank top and jeans or be the centerpiece of a sexy nighttime outfit. However you decide to wear your belly chain, wear it with confidence.



10/23/2006 1:32:37 PM
yosaaakshi said:

belly chain are the sexiest jewellery ever made.The chain when shinning with sweat and its one end dangling down creates a wow effect . It is the most ancient ornament called " arnanayam "


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