Metal Detectors

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Does body jewelry set off metal detectors?

Metal Detectors

Typically, you shouldn't have to worry about your unique body jewelry setting off metal detectors. Obviously, metal detectors are designed to detect metal, but they can be adjusted so that small amounts of metal don't set off an alarm. Otherwise, common items with small amounts of meta, such as buttons and zippers, would be incessantly setting off alarms.



9/27/2007 2:18:14 AM
Danny said:

even though they say that piercings don't set off alarms, sometimes they do! I walked through the terminal, through the metal detector and it started bleeping at me! i had to persuade them that it was only my piercings (I have 35!) and they had to body search me and check each one with a metal detector! it was scary but hey at least i still got to go on my holiday, and i have taken out some of my piercings now! and i havent had a problem since!


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