Internal vs. External Threaded Body Jewelry

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Are there advantages to using internally threaded body jewelry?

Internal vs. External Threaded Body Jewelry

For those getting their first body piercings, the choice between internally and externally threaded jewelry can be a source of confusion. Externally threaded jewelry is more common and is usually lower in cost. Internally threaded jewelry is less readily available but provides advantages that may make the extra effort to find this style worthwhile.

The primary advantage of internally threaded jewelry for body piercings is the added comfort and safety during insertion or removal of the jewelry. This can be particularly important in dealing with new piercings where the healing process could be set back by the rough threads of externally threaded jewelry catching on the healing tissues and causing tears in the skin.

Many professional piercers are also adopting the use of internally threaded jewelry for its advantage in the piercing process. Appropriately sized piercing needles with threaded ends can be connected to this style of jewelry. This allows for a single motion to pierce the body part and insert the new jewelry, thus reducing pain and trauma to the surrounding tissues.

Another distinct advantage of internally threaded designs as compared to externally threaded body piercing jewelry is the ease with which the component pieces can be put together. With externally threaded barbells, the ball ends are difficult for many individuals to attach due to difficulty in locating the internally threaded hole where the ball attaches to the shaft. Internally threaded jewelry eliminates this problem by adding a small externally threaded stud to the ball which connects to the internally threaded shaft of the barbell.



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