Belly Button Rings & Your Baby

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Do I have to remove my belly piercing when I get pregnant?

Belly Button Rings & Your Baby

Everyone knows what happens to your belly button when you're pregnant: It disappears! So, does that mean you have to lose give up your belly button rings altogether? Not at all! Just pick up one of many styles of belly button rings especially designed for your expanding belly. Made of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, more commonly known as "Teflon"), these longer cables are adjustable and stretch as your belly grows. Just screw the barbells onto each aside and re-adjust throughout your pregnancy, as needed.

You'll have to remove the jewelry when you deliver, but at least you won't have lost the piercing over the nine months of your pregnancy. You should be able to return to regular belly button rings shortly after your baby is born.



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