Belly Button Piercing with Chain

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Belly Button Piercing with Chain

You can get belly chains with or without a belly button piercing, but if you are pierced it makes a much more impressive statement.

When buying a belly chain and ring combo, make sure to check online, as the best prices are often found through Internet retailers. Also, make sure to check the length of the belly chain before buying one, most are adjustable, but only to a certain point. The very skinny or plus sized may need to special order a belly chain. As with rings, you can get belly chains in gold as well as other popular metals.



6/12/2008 8:33:34 AM
K- lynn said:

i want to do my own navel ring how do i do it

7/7/2008 10:28:44 PM
C C said:

I just got my belly pierced and I don't know which end f the ring unshrews or if both does.


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