Tongue Piercing Myths

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Tongue Piercing Myths

There are quite a few myths out there as to what will or can happen when tongue piercings go bad. Most of them are false or overstated. Here are a few myths we can clear up:

You will not bleed to death from a botched tongue ring. Piercers will not attempt to pierce a tongue that has a blood vessel too close to where they have to pierce.

Tongue rings do not make it harder for dentists to work on you. They may caution you about the damage tongue rings can do to your teeth's enamel, but aside from that they are not in the way for any routine care.

Tongue piercings do not leave big gaping holes in your tongue once you remove the jewelry. In fact, a tongue piercing will heal much faster than other piercings do when you remove the ring, and rarely leave noticeable scars.



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