Problems With Your Belly Button Ring

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Problems With Your Belly Button Ring

When piercing your navel, or any part of your body, you run the risk of infection. Your belly button must be cared for every day. It typically takes 38 weeks for your navel piercing to properly heal.

While healing there are some problems that may arise. Here are some signs that there might be a problem with the pierced navel.

1. You have a green or yellow discharge.
2. The pierced area is bleeding, splitting, oozing or cracking and it is more than a week old.
3. The navel jewelry is moving or migrating from its original position.
4. Red streaks are radiating from the piercing or pain and redness.
5. Developing a rash or hive soon after the procedure.
6. A lump or bump forming at the base of the pierced area.

If you have any of these signs after you get a navel ring then you need to seek the advice or your piercer or in some situations a medical professional. The main thing is to alleviate the problem as soon as possible.



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