Things to Avoid After You Pierce Your Navel

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Things to Avoid After You Pierce Your Navel

Navel rings can be "sexy", but you must let them heal properly before you can "dress up" your belly button.

Here are some things to avoid after you pierce your navel in order to allow it to heal correctly.

-Avoid undue trauma such as friction from clothing, excessive motion of the area, playing with the jewelry and over cleaning.

- Avoid the use of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Betadine or ointment. Only use sterile saline solution with no additives to clean in and around the pierced area.

- Avoid stress and recreational drug use including excessive caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

- Avoid submerging the piercing in bodies of water such as lakes, pools, jacuzzis etc., without protecting the area with a waterproof covering.

- Avoid cosmetics, lotions, fragrances and sprays in or around the piercing. Basically all beauty and personal care products should be eliminated while you are healing.

- Do not hang charms or any object from your jewelry or remove your ring until the piercing is fully healed (which takes around 6 months).

Belly button rings are wonderful as long as you take care of your piercing and keep it free from possible irritants. An infected navel doesn't have much "sex appeal."



8/29/2006 12:19:46 AM
MeMe said:

I am so pissed that i didn't have this info before i pierced my navel because i could of prevent waking up with me navel ring next to my face,and my piercing ripped. And to think of all that pain that went for nothing. Well i think the reason was the intense workouts and constantly pouring Alcohol on it. I was so scared that it would get infected.You better believe when it heals i am going to use the info to my advantage and pierce my navel the right way.

4/7/2008 5:38:42 PM
Samantha said:

My piercing just came out... with the skin ripped and everything.. omg this really sucks.. what do i really do?


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