Why should I get a temporary tattoo instead of a temporary airbrush tattoo?

Temporary Tattoo Cost

A self-applied temporary tattoo is much less expensive than temporary airbrush tattoos. Some temporary airbrush tattoo artists charge $25 per tattoo, while prefabricated temporary tattoos only costs $3 or less if you buy it online. Also, you are limited to the designs that the artist has at her or his shop, while there is a tremendous variety of designs to be found online.

Body Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

Are Italian link charms and Italian link bracelets really made in Italy?

Why is it important to buy Italian link charms that were made in Italy?

Can I put my Italian charms on my bracelet by myself?

What should I do if Iím having trouble linking my Italian charms together?

Are there different widths for Italian charms bracelets?

What are the length sizes for Italian charms bracelets?

Should I get Italian charms bracelets that are bigger than my children’s wrists so that they can grow into them?

Are there any unique ways to wear my Italian charms bracelets?

How should I protect my Italian charms bracelets?

How should I clean Italian link charms and Italian charms bracelets?

Are ther any unique styles of Italian link charms?

Are there any types of Italian link charms that are appropriate for adults and children?

How do I determine my belly chain size?

Do I have to get pierced to wear a belly chain?

Are belly chains expensive?

Are there many styles of belly chains?

Who popularized belly chains?

What should I do when it gets too cold to wear belly chains?

How long have people been piercing their lips?

Where can I find erotic body jewelry?

Is it safe to pierce nipples?

What are some concerns about piercing the tongue?

How should I clean my pierced tongue when it's healing?

When should I replace the long bar that is left in while a tongue piercing is healing?

What are the different types of tongue jewelry?

What is the strongest muscle in the body?

Should I pierce my nose if I have allergies?

How long have people been piercing their noses?

Why do people get their noses pierced?

How was nose piercing introduced to the West?

Is nose piercing becoming popular?

What is a Prince Albert piercing?

How long ago did people wear erotic body jewelry?

How long have people been piercing their eyes?

Besides cleaning, what else should I do to take care of an eyebrow that has been pierced?

What are safe metals to use for your recently pierced body?

What metals should you avoid after getting your body pierced?

How should I clean a freshly pierced body area?

Is there anything that I should do before I get a body piercing?

What are some signs that your pierced body area is infected?

Does body jewelry set off metal detectors?

Should I get a body piercing while Iím pregnant?

What is the little bump that sometimes appears above a body piercing?

Are there any interesting brands of body jewelry?

How long have people been wearing belt buckles?

Are personalized belt buckles expensive?

Are there any fancy designer belt buckles?

What is the ďlost waxĒ investment casting method?

What are body jewelry plugs?

What is "stretching"?

How far can I stretch my ear?

How does an ear plug stay in the ear?

What are body jewelry plugs made of?

How should I clean my ears after getting my ears pierced?

Besides cleaning, what should I do to take care of my ear after getting it pierced?

What is the preferred method for piercing an ear?

Can I pierce my own ears?

Are ear piercing guns safe?

Is it normal to see fluid secretions after getting your ears pierced?

When were clip-on earrings invented?

Where is a good place to find cheap earrings for sale?

How do I clean silver earrings?

What should I do after getting my belly button pierced?

How long have people been wearing belly button jewelry?

Can you pierce an "outie" belly button?

Is it cheaper to buy belly button body jewelry online?

What are the different styles of belly button body jewelry?

Why is the navel considered to be an erogenous zone?

Should I take out my belly button body jewelry when Iím pregnant?

What kind of belly button jewelry should I wear when I go out at night?

Where did tattooing originate?

Why do people get tattooed?

Where does the term "tattoo" come from?

What is ďhennaĒ?

Should I get a body piercing while Iím pregnant?

Why is it illegal to get tattoos in some states?

Should I get a tattoo or a piercing if Iím breastfeeding?

Can a ďpermanentĒ tattoo be removed?

Can I apply a temporary tattoo by myself?

How should I bathe when I have temporary tattoos?

How do I protect my temporary tattoo?

Why should I get a temporary tattoo instead of a temporary airbrush tattoo?

Is there any style of temporary tattoo that is very unique?

What are the popular styles of temporary tattoos?

Are temporary tattoos safe?

How long do temporary tattoos last?

How do I remove temporary tattoos?

Are there any safety issues regarding the use of temporary tattoos?

How do I determine my toe ring size?

How should my toe ring fit?

What kind of lubricant should I use to get my toe ring on?

What should I do if Iím unsure about my toe ring size?

Which toe should I wear my toe ring on?

Can children wear toe rings?

Are toe rings expensive?

Can I wear my sterling silver toe ring while Iím swimming?

Can I wear my toe ring with any type of shoe?

What are some other interesting things that I should know about toe rings?

Can I always wear my toe rings?

What metals should you use for piercing?

How do I begin the gauging process?

What type of plug should I use for gauging?

How long has earlobe stretching existed?

Will my earlobe return to its original shape if I stretch it?

What is an amber body jewelry plug?

What are horn and bone body jewelry plugs?

What types of stone are used to make plug jewelry?

What should I know about hardwood plug jewelry?

Where do I wear a belly chain?

What outfit should I wear a belly chain with?

When do I wear my belly chain?

What size belly chain should I get?

How do I care for an infected nose piercing?

What type of tool should be used to pierce my nose?

Is genital piercing dangerous?

When can I change my starter body piercing?

How long can I take out my body piercing jewelry?

How do I select a body piercer?

Should I buy a body piercing kit and pierce myself?

Should I rotate my body piercing?

Are piercing guns safe?

Does a tongue piercing require special care?

Where do I find high-end earrings?

What is a cultured pearl earring and why are they less expensive than other pearls?

How has ear piercing changed in American culture?

Do diamonds and pearls require special care?

How do I keep my sterling silver earrings clean?

How do I keep my gold earrings clean?

How do I choose birthstone earrings?

Should I buy sterling silver and gold toe rings or can I buy fake metals?

Should I buy fitted or resizable toe rings?

How should I wear my toe rings?

Where can I learn to make my own toe rings?

Do toe rings require special care?

What should I know about tattoo toe rings?

What should I know about diamond toe rings?

What are barefoot sandals?

How do I make an ankle bracelet?

How can bridal foot jewelry be worn?

Can I customize my belt buckle?

What types of exotic belt buckles can I buy?

How do I care for my belt buckle?

How do I prevent my belly ring from falling out?

What should I do if my belly piercing becomes infected?

How should I care for my belly button piercing?

Can outie belly buttons be pierced?

How can I make my belly rings unique?

Can I purchase diamond belly rings?

How do I tell when my belly ring is healed?

I had my belly pierced with a naval gun - how long will the healing process be?

How long after you get your ear peiced can you stretch your lobes?

I would like to know to put the nose stud through the top of the needle?

How long does it normally take for a nose piercing to heal?

Do you know where I can find stores that sell Italian Charms besides online?

Are there advantages to using internally threaded body jewelry?

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