Toe Rings for Children

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Can children wear toe rings?

Toe Rings for Children

Children can certainly wear toe rings, but their growth should be checked periodically. If the child grows too much before getting a larger toe ring, it may become quite an unpleasant and difficult matter to get the toe ring off. This not only applies to young children, but teenagers as well.



3/2/2009 9:14:22 AM
ppp said:

I live in not-tropic country and our girls can't please us by bare feet. At the summer it is the other matter. At this summer my friend's daughter have been bearing two toe ring. She is 7 year old girl and at May mother took daughter to jewellery shop for decorating of barefeet. Sizes was selected on the shop and girl for all summer demonstate barefeet to friends and parents. It was pretty. At September toe ring was put to the her jewellery box and used only for weekend. At the next summer it determine time can she use toe ring or not.


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