The Best Studs for Your Nose

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The Best Studs for Your Nose

If you have a new nostril piercing, your piercing technician will most likely suggest a nose screw to begin with. These look like a typical nose stud or “bone”, but they have a curling tail, like a question mark. They're great for piercing newbies since they are extremely simple to remove and reinsert when your piercing has healed. It's very much like, well, a screw! You simply twist until it comes out and twist to slide it back in. Unlike some other nose bones, however, they don't easily fall out. Nose screws are also better for new piercings because the straight end (the one that has the decorative tip which shows on your nose) is easier to manipulate when it comes time to remove crust or other build-up during healing, without running the risk of pushing the stud right out.



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