Make a Date for Your Belly Button Piercing

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Make a Date for Your Belly Button Piercing

If there's one initial tip you can get about getting a belly button piercing, it's this: don't do it on a whim! You'll need to prepare your body, mind and calendar before you get it done.

  • Body
    Be sure you're in good health. No colds, infections, etc. And make sure you're sober! Wear a loose-fitting top and bottoms that can be rolled down, such as stretch pants or a skirt with an elastic waistband.

  • Mind
    Be sure you want this piercing. Your navel is going to need some extra care and attention after the piercing in order to let it heal. Are you able to give that time and effort?

  • Calendar
    Be sure to clear your schedule for the day of and at least a few days after the piercing. Strenuous activities such as gym classes (even yoga) are not going to be possible right after your piercing.



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