Types of Nose Jewelry

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What types of nose jewelry are available?

Types of Nose Jewelry

Considering your nose doesn't offer a lot of real estate for displaying nose jewelry, there are still quite a few options when it comes to pierced nostrils.

Nose Stud/Nose Pin: These are usually the best nose jewelry option for a new piercing because they stay out of the way and don't get snagged as easily as nose rings do. Also, there are many styles of nose pins, each offering a different type of display (i.e., the part that is viewable from the side of your nose). The most popular nose pin features a diamond, but be sure to ask your piercer if the diamond has Kimberly Process Certification if you want to avoid buying "blood diamonds." If s/he isn't sure, just ask where the diamond came from. In general, diamonds from Africa should be avoided.

Nose Screw: These are just like nose studs/pins except that instead of the pin being bent at a 90-degree angle to keep the pin in place, the pin is curved into a corkscrew shape. This allows the jewelry to be inserted and removed a little easier.

Nose Ring: Nose rings are not the best choice for first-time piercings, as they move around easily. If you're set on a nose ring, then ask your piercing professional to supply a ring that has a stop on one end -- it looks more like a "C". These are different in that they have to be inserted from the inside of your nose, but if you're familiar with handling piercings this shouldn't be a problem.



1/14/2009 9:04:45 PM
Debbie said:

I just got my nose pierced on Tuesday, and I know it takes 3 months to heal, Do I have to change it? Or can I always keep this one in? I really dont see a need in changing it....and another thing, it has a screw on the end and im not sure how I would take it out....


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