First Piercing? Choose Your Jewels Wisely!

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Can I change my jewelry right after a piercing?

First Piercing? Choose Your Jewels Wisely!

Unless you're blessed with a super strong immune system and can heal faster than Superman, you'd better choose your piercing jewelry wisely. Many folks think they can get a new piercing done and simply switch out the jewelry in a few days if they don't like it. Think again.

First, changing jewelry after a new piercing only irritates the piercing site. Choose piercing jewelry that you can live with for at least a year. Many people heal much faster than that, but still others can take up to two full years to heal thoroughly enough to change their jewelry.

Second, piercing jewelry is designed to train your piercing. That is, whatever size your piercing jewelry is, that is the size your hole will be. You need to leave the "marker" in place in order to ensure a healthy piercing.

Finally, if and when you do switch your jewelry for the first time, please have your piercing professional do it for you ... then teach you how to do it yourself. There are tricks to easy removal and insertion of your body jewelry, depending on the style of the piece. Your piercing technician will be happy to show you the safest way to change your jewelry.



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