Buying Body Jewelry

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What body jewelry complements my body type?

Buying Body Jewelry

A simple rule to follow when buying body jewelry is to take a good look at your facial and/or body structure and select a style of jewelry that complements it. This is particularly true of belly and nostril piercings.

Small to Medium Frame
Belly rings: You can go more elaborate with belly rings if you are of smaller build. Dangle belly rings are a good choice for special midriff-baring occasions.

Nose pins: Go small here. Keep your choices to tiny elegant studs and well-fitting rings with high gauges (20-22).

Larger Frames
Belly rings: Barbells with colorful balls and/or embedded gemstones are a great choice. Anything that glitters!

Nose pins: Larger faces can obviously carry larger jewelry. Feel free to experiment with the larger pieces, such as traditional Indian flower styles. Rings of varying sizes are also a great choice as long as they offset your features well.



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