Alternative to Metal Belly Rings

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Can I still get a belly piercing if I'm allergic to all metals?

Alternative to Metal Belly Rings

For a new belly piercing, many technicians recommend a stainless steel or titanium navel ring. This is because they are sturdy, easily sterilized and don't tarnish. However, some people have allergic reactions to all metals. Does this mean navel piercing isn't for them? Absolutely not.

Speak to your piercing professional about bioplast. This material is ideal for sensitive skin and has the additional benefit of being more flexible. This allows your body to move naturally without interrupting your piercing's healing time. Be sure to ask your piercer to autoclave (sterilize) your bioplast navel ring. Even though it is not metal, this high-quality plastic can be autoclaved! That means even more protection against infection from the start.



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