How to Change Your Belly Jewelry

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How do I change my belly jewelry?

How to Change Your Belly Jewelry

We all like to change our look every so often and switching belly jewelry is an easy way to do that. Here are the basic steps to easy insertion of your belly jewelry, while keeping your skin infection-free and your jewelry in good shape:

  1. Wash both your hands and the jewelry with medical grade soap.
  2. Pinch the area next to the piercing and place one end of the belly jewelry at the entrance of the hole (usually bottom to top works the best).
  3. With a finger of the pinching hand, massage around the other hole as you gently move the jewelry toward it.
  4. Once the end of the belly jewelry has cleared the second hole, clasp or screw the ball in place.
  5. Clean your hands and the area again to prevent infection.
Bonus Tip: Change belly jewelry after you shower, since the hot water will have softened the tissue around your piercing.



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