You Can Ring My Belly

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What are dangle belly rings?

You Can Ring My Belly

There's hardly anything more sexy than dangle belly rings. Not only do they accentuate the belly button and tummy, but the dangling portion sways just below your belly button, hinting at the treasure below your belt.

Dangle belly rings come in all sorts of styles to suit your personality. You can choose form a tiny martini glass to a native American feather. However, keep in mind that dangle belly rings are not intended for everyday wear. The loose portion can snag on clothing, towels, etc. Keep one or two handy for special occasions. You can even purchase a couple that you like on the same day you get your piercing. Think of them as an incentive: The better you take care of your piercing, the sooner it will heal and the sooner you can wear your new sexy dangle belly ring!



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