Belly Piercing & Healing

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How do I know when my belly piercing has healed?

Belly Piercing & Healing

Once you get your belly button pierced, you can expect a total healing time of anywhere between four weeks and a year, depending on your body's healing abilities and how well you take care of your piercing.

Remember that a piercing, while pretty, is still a wound that needs proper care:

  • Do not touch your belly ring if at all possible. If you need to, wash your hands thoroughly with antimicrobial soap. Rinse well.
  • Try not to sleep on your stomach while your piercing heals.
  • Avoid swimming in public pools or in natural bodies of water. Irritants from chemicals and/or bacteria can irritate your piercing.
  • Wear loose-fitting pants and shirts so your clothing won't rub against the belly ring.
  • If any pus or "angry" redness appears after a week or so, go to your piercing technician for assistance and advice. Do not touch the piercing yourself.



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