Belly Button Ring Migration

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Belly Button Ring Migration

One reason to make sure you take good care of a new belly button piercing is to avoid migration. This can happen when a belly button ring is played with too much, or sometimes just happens if your body "rejects" the piercing.

Migration happens when the belly button ring grows out of your skin. As it heals, it moves closer to the surface and can eventually come out. If your belly button piercing does migrate out, you will need to wait until the area fully heals and then get your navel pierced again if you still wish to have a belly button ring.



5/12/2009 9:43:54 PM
Samantha said:

how long will it take for my belly button to grow back. this "migration" thing happened to me. i would like to get it redone, but i dont want to wait a year. if it takes that long????


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