Tongue Web Piercing

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Tongue Web Piercing

For something a little more exotic than your typical tongue ring, some people are going for a new type of mouth piercing: the frenulum.

The frenulum is the little web of skin that attaches your tongue to the lower portion of your mouth. Not everyone can get this area pierced, as some people do not have enough skin there to get jewelry through. Also, this area is rarely seen by other people, so it's not exactly a "show-off" type piercing. But it's an option for those who want a different tongue ring from the rest.

Care and healing times are similar to that of a regular tongue piercing, but check with your piercer. Unfortunately, not all piercers and shops are very familiar with frenulum piercing yet, so make sure to ask your piercer about this procedure prior to deciding on the piercing.



8/2/2006 3:15:26 AM
<Kristen> said:

I got this done 3 days ago. i've done it my self before, but found it hard to get the ring in so i decided to get it done right this time and go to a piercer. he explained that it wouldnt hurt much, but it's a hard piercing to do. he was right it didnt hurt at all. the pain came after wards. he said it was the deepests he's done before, but it looks great, and has pretty much healed now. i advise anyone thinking about getting this done to do it. its great!

10/27/2006 3:12:59 PM
Britof'08 said:

ive had my web pierced and i done it myself... it was PAINLESS i swear and i love it the only down side... its a bitch to get in lol

8/28/2007 2:00:40 AM
ella said:

eeek!! i really want to do it! but like you guys said, it soooo hard to get it in!! waaa

3/12/2015 2:56:37 AM
kristin said:

can you do this if youve already got a tongue ring


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