Navel Piercing Procedure

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Navel Piercing Procedure

When you go in to get your navel pierced, the first thing you should do is look around. Is the shop clean and well lit? Does the piercer look competent (are they businesslike, have they done this before?) Ask to see the instruments that the piercer will be using to put in your navel ring. Most of the time, they will be taken out of the autoclave (sterlizer) or sterile packets right in front of you. This is a good thing - don't accept their word for it that the instruments are sterile.

Have the piercer mark where they're going to pierce your navel with a pen and ask to go look in a full-length mirror before having the actual piercing done. You should be satisfied with the placement before the needle touches your skin.

After getting pierced, make sure the piercer gives you aftercare instructions and lets you know what type of treatment to use on your new piercing. A printed sheet is best, but don't feel weird writing this info down if it's just told to you - this is your body, take care of it! Make sure to ask how long you should wait before showering/bathing, and also ask the recommended procedure if something goes wrong.

This procedure will allow you to get the best experience out of getting your new navel ring.



1/23/2007 9:40:22 AM
Roberts said:

One more thing - before getting pierced we should be told what are the best belly ring materials for the initial piercing.
The most common are stainless steel and titanium, but did you know that bioplast is considered to be among the best materials for the first time belly piercings?
Less infections, less swelling after piercing, bioplast is flexible - we can even buy a bioplast belly ring before getting pierced and ask the piercer to autoclave it for us, if he or she doesn't have any in stock.


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