Healing Nose Piercing.

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How long does it normally take for a nose piercing to heal?

Healing Nose Piercing.

Everyone's body is different. If you get something pierced and someone else gets the same piercing, your results could be the same or they could be unique. You should never take out a fresh piercing at three days, this is far too soon to be messing with your piercing. Noses (nostrils) take between two to four months to completely heal, and even then some people are going to have issues with pain, especially if they've never left the jewelry in long enough to heal properly. You might want to go back to a piercer and have them look at your nose to make sure there's nothing keeping it from healing, and it might heal easier with a ring in instead of a stud.



1/27/2008 1:46:42 PM
Dana said:

I got my nose piercing with a 18g needle. Therefore, I had an 18g piercing. I noticed a keloid or some kind of growth coming out of the piercing and laying alongside the nose ring. I also had the U shaped stud. It was bothering me so after 4 weeks of having the piercing I changed the jewelry to a 20g L shaped diamond stud. In 2 days the keloid "growth" was gone and my piercing was completely healed and no infection or pain. It was amazing what a difference it made!
If you notice the same things that happened to me I would change the gauge of stud you are wearing to one size smaller and change the shape of the stud from the typical U shaped to the L shaped.


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