Self Piercing Nose

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I would like to know to put the nose stud through the top of the needle?

Self Piercing Nose

Piercing yourself is not easy, and if you push the needle through at the wrong angle, you will have a piercing that might not work for your nose, or the stud may fall out. Professionals would be able to also check that you have the right size needle and jewelry for your nose, and it would be a sterile environment. If something doesn't work at a shop, they will repierce it or at least help you to fix the problem, but if you do it yourself you could be in for scarring, infection and a botched looking nose.



8/11/2007 7:41:46 PM
Jessica said:

what is the difference if you pierce it yourself and get it done professionally?? As long as you take the right precautions, it will be fine. Either way there's a chance of infection or scarring.

4/30/2009 12:04:19 PM
Heather said:

I pierced my own nose this past monday and I have been using peroxide on it. Is It okay to use alcohol because the first time I had it done that is what i used.


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