Wearing a Belly Button Ring While You are Pregnant

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Wearing a Belly Button Ring While You are Pregnant

Typically belly button rings can be worn up until the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy. After the 6th month you run the risk of your navel ring popping out or the skin tearing. Once the skin begins to stretch the ring should be removed or you can "upsize the gauge."

There are retailers who sell specific navel rings made for pregnancy. These rings are made to stretch. Rings that are made of Monofilament nylon or Teflon tend to be better than metal jewelry during pregnancy because of their expansion abilities.

You should certainly consult your doctor on whether or not to keep your navel ring in throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

A navel that has been pierced for several years will usually not close if you take out your jewelry although it will shrink and you may need the aid of an insertion taper to install the original jewelry.



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