What Should You Look for in a Piercing Parlor?

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What Should You Look for in a Piercing Parlor?

You want a navel ring, but don't know where to go to have your belly button pierced. What should a professional piercing parlor have in order to make sure they are legit?

Here are some suggestions for choosing the right establishment for your navel piercing procedure?

First impressions are essential. Is the waiting area clean and do you feel comfortable there?

Check their credentials. Do they have a valid business license? See if they are members of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). This will ensure that they went through extensive training and know the proper safety procedures.

Ask lots of questions and be wary if the employees don't know the answers. If they are more like salespeople pushing the jewelry then they probably have a high turnover and that should raise a red flag.

Ask to see the aftercare information. The parlor should have printed information with specific instructions on how to care for your freshly pierced belly button. Make sure the information is current. If the literature still recommends using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean your navel then the studio is not keeping up with the current research in body piercing care.

If you are young and they don't ask for I.D. you should beware. A busienss that doesn't follow rules should raise concern and maybe you should seek out another parlor.

Feeling comfortable in the studio you choose is extremely important. You should make sure the parlor follows proper procedure and is up-to-date on body piercing care and guidelines.



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