Belly Chain vs Dangle Belly Ring

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Belly Chain vs Dangle Belly Ring

What is the difference between a belly chain and a dangle belly ring?

Dangle belly rings have a single attachment that hangs down from the navel ring. They can have charms, gems, or other precious stones. The dangle ring will hang down from the belly button and may be more noticeable than just a regular ring.

Belly chains are readily available at any body jewelry store and they are designed to enhance your waistline. Add some "spice" to your wardrobe and dress up your "look" with a sexy, gem-filled belly chain. The belly chains will typically drape around your entire waistline and there will be several layers that dangle.

Whether you choose a simple one tier dangle belly ring or full belly chain you are sure to enhance your style with a new accessory for your navel.



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