Why Pierce Your Belly Button?

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Why Pierce Your Belly Button?

Why do people choose to pierce their belly button?

There are many reasons people of all ages choose to pierce this part of their body, but the number one reason is "sex appeal."

Many individuals think a belly button ring is "sexy." Some may disagree about who should show their belly button rings publicly, but there seems to be a consensus among body piercing supporters that a navel ring is appealing.

Other reasons you many choose to get your navel pierced are:

Rebellion. Many young people use body piercing as a rebellious act against parents who do not approve of such acts.

Keeping up with the trends. Body jewelry has become popular and "oh so trendy." Some individuals are motivated to keep up with "extreme fashion trends."

Peer pressure. This usually involves young people, but adults can feel the pressure to compete with their peers too.

Whatever the reason, belly buttons are a popular body part to pierce and navel jewelry is readily available for purchase.



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