Tongue Rings: Jewelry Options

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Tongue Rings: Jewelry Options

A tongue piercing typically takes 3-4 weeks of healing time. Every individual is different - some may heal faster and some make take longer to heal completely.

Tongue ring fashion has evolved from just a few options to many tongue ring styles and material. High quality tongue jewelry should be made of certain metals including 14 K gold, implant grade stainless steel and Titanium, Pyrex glass, FDA approved acrylic and dental acrylic.

A tongue ring is typically shaped like a barbell with a straight bar and balls on the ends. You can get half balls, balls with stripes and patterns or charm shaped balls. The rings come in different sized threads.

Your piercer should have determined the size you need for your tongue size and thickness. You need to wear the right size of ring to ensure a comfortable fit and prevent structural damage in your mouth.



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