Tongue Piercing: Aftercare

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Tongue Piercing: Aftercare

Aftercare instructions should be thoroughly explained by the piercer. By law they are required to give you written instructions to follow after an oral piercing process. Aftercare is crucial to the healing of your tongue piercing.

Combating risks and infections should start with the piercer using the proper precautions including sterile tools, needles and jewelry.

When the procedure is finished it is up to the individual to follow aftercare guidelines, which include:

Using ant microbial alcohol-free mouth rinses and sea salt rinses.

Not sharing plates, eating utensils, cup etc with other individuals.

Replacing your toothbrush and making sure to keep it extra clean during the healing time.

Keeping dirty fingers, pencils, sunglasses, and other foreign objects away from your mouth.

Avoid playing with the tongue ring, excessive talking and any oral contact.

Swelling should be minimal and there should be little or no bleeding. If you have excessive swelling or bleeding then you need to seek the advice and help of a professional and/or medical doctor.



4/7/2007 5:20:19 AM
Lizzy said:

Thanx a lot for the advise short yet complete. I got my tongue pierced and was kind of worried that something would go wrong I guess I will find out soon enough.

10/27/2007 3:04:31 PM
Jaylen said:

im bulimic is it bad to still throw up with my tongue ring? what are the effects?


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