Cleaning and caring for diamond and pearl earrings

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Do diamonds and pearls require special care?

Cleaning and caring for diamond and pearl earrings

Frequently clean your gemstone earrings to ensure they maintain their original sparkle and luster. Each gemstone earring requires a different cleaning method.

- Diamonds: You should never touch diamonds with your fingers because they are susceptible to oils. Windex, ammonia, and toothpaste are often recommended to clean diamonds. Diamonds may be soaked in windex or ammonia. Use a small toothbrush to loosen stubborn body oils and soap residue.

- Pearls: Remove pearl earrings before using perfumes or hairspray, which will damage the pearl's soft service. Use a soft, damp cloth to restore the pearls' shine. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia, or detergents to clean the pearls. If you wear your pearl earrings often, bring them to a jeweler to be professionally cleaned once a year.



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