Toe ring tattoos

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What should I know about tattoo toe rings?

Toe ring tattoos

If you're seeking a more permanent toe decoration, you may want to consider a tattoo toe ring. Tattoo toe rings are perfect for someone who wants a tattoo that can is easily concealable, but can also be shown off when appropriate.

If you are considering a toe ring tattoo, you should be aware that it is a difficult tattoo to master. Discuss the complications of tattooing around the toe with your tattoo artist. You and your tattoo artist may prefer to only tattoo the top of your toe.



7/6/2007 2:38:34 AM
Jade said:

I believe that tattoos on the toes are a great option for people who love toe rings but hate the rings rusting on the skin. You can hide it and show it off, a tattoo that would be hard to get sick of.

8/4/2007 6:03:21 AM
Stephanie said:

I have a tattoo toe ring and I love it! It was my second tattoo and is always a conversation piece. It was not as painful as one would expect. My only i suggest that if you are considering this type of tattoo that you make sure to keep plenty of lotion on hand during the healing process and also make sure to keep lotion on after...the color stays brighter in my opinion!


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