Rotating your body piercing

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Should I rotate my body piercing?

Rotating your body piercing

Rotating your body piercings prevents scabs from forming. However, if you spin your body piercing with dirty hands, it is likely you'll get an infection. Before spinning your piercing, clean the area with cleaning solution and then twist the piercing several times with clean hands.



8/8/2006 10:01:06 AM
Zeb said:

I would like to say that, as a piercer, spinning/turning the jewellery in a new piercing is one thing we adamantly DON'T suggest clients do. This has the effect of aggravating the newly healing piercing and is one of the greatest causes of infection. We suggest that clients clean the area at the entrance and exit of the jewellery by holding a cotton bud saturated with cleansing fluid over the wounds until any scab formed has softened, then gently wipe it away. This advice usually gives a much faster healing time overall.


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