Genital piercings

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Is genital piercing dangerous?

Genital piercings

Due to the extreme sensitivity of the genitals, it is advised you see a piercer who has a lot of experience piercing genitals. If you decide a genital body piercing is right for you, be aware of the following.

- Piercing the clitoris horizontally may result in a loss of all feeling. A vertical piercing through the hood is not as risky.
- You may not be able to have sexual relations until your genital piercing completely heals.
- Piercings in the genital area are prone to infection. Be sure to follow all cleaning instructions given to you by your piercer.



11/1/2007 3:49:02 PM
M.B. said:

i had mine done, a vertical clitoral hood, and i would do it 100000 times over, cause i love it. it healed pretty much after one/two days and it just felt like a pinch when it was pierced! well worth it


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