History of earlobe stretching

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How long has earlobe stretching existed?

History of earlobe stretching

Earlobe stretching has existed for centuries. Ancient earlobe stretching artifacts have been found in Mexico and Asia. Ancient body jewelry plugs ranged from one centimeter to one inch in diameter. In some cultures, it is common to stretch earlobes until they reach the shoulder.



6/7/2007 8:00:16 AM
Joshua said:

To learn more about stretching and body modification including stretching or "gauging", get the dvd entitled "Modify". I have it ordered from Tribaletic.com. They have a trailor for it which includes "Bear". A piercer from Texas whose ear lobes have been stretched to 5 1/2 inches! Mine are at 1 1/4 inch and just be careful when you stretch. EVERYONES BODY IS DIFFRENT! Just do things when you feel they can be done, take your time and never NEVER force anything. Good Luck!

12/4/2008 1:46:34 PM
sarah said:

very cool, thank you.

2/18/2009 7:49:13 AM
Josh Cloyd said:

african tribes also used them, because when slaves were being taken they "mutilated" the lip and ears so it would make them ugly and the slave traders would not want to take them>< i have it done up to a 0.ga

7/31/2009 3:22:44 PM
1 5/8 said:

except our american culture, where you are dicriminated against if you have large ears


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