Use quality rings when gauging your ears

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What type of plug should I use for gauging?

Use quality rings when gauging your ears

Gauging is a slow, delicate process and it's important to use high-quality rings while stretching your ear. Stainless steel rings work best because they don't absorb infection-causing bacteria and dirt. Once your ears are healed, you can choose from the wide variety of ear plug jewelry available, including stone body jewelry plugs, and wood body jewelry plugs.



6/29/2006 4:20:23 PM
greta g. said:

I've been gauging my ears slowly over the past couple of months. I just recently went from a 6 to a 4 and I've been using plastic plugs from Hot Topic. [They work best because I'm allergic to base metals.] The only downside is that they kind of smell if you don't clean them... LOL

1/16/2007 8:08:32 PM
Aubrey said:

Just a quick question. I have my ears pierced (regular pierced) so in order to get my ears gauged, do they stretch the little hole i already have, or pierce the small hole i have using a bigger needle?

2/5/2007 1:48:25 PM
shelby said:

you use the already pierced hole. you slowly start getting bigger earrings to gauge your ears. your whole size right now should be around an 18g. and you make your way downwards. i buy my gauges at hot topic. you can buy them else where though.

hope this helps =]

2/22/2008 11:12:45 AM
Jen said:

It is also better to start off using sterling silver plugs first though, unless you are allergic. With the weight of them, they will help the gauging process.


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