How to start stretching you earlobe

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How do I begin the gauging process?

How to start stretching you earlobe

Gauging is an ear piercing method that is essentially ear stretching. Gauge refers to the diameter of your piercing. 18 - 20-gauge needles are used for standard ear piercing. The lower the gauge number of the needle, the larger the hole. Gauge sizes increase in increments of two. So if your ears were pierced with a 20-gauge needle, you would next purchase an 18-gauge ring or body jewelry ear plug to begin stretching your ear. Begin the stretching process slowly, waiting for your earlobe to heal before you step up in size. If you increase the size too fast, you could create unsightly scar tissue.



10/19/2006 6:22:17 PM
English Steve-o said:

ok i know theres gonna be a lot of people drawing big breaths and shakin there heads gut i am really impatient, i decided to start stretching my ears around 6 years after they were pierced and got some tunnels and a taper of my friend. as i was eager to start that night i stretched straight to a 3mm i think it was. the next day i was eager so put the taper back in and did this every day and at the end of the second week i became very impatient so used a screwing action and got the taper right through which took me to roughly 8mm so i geuss wot i did was wrong and would not advise it but i am living proof that it is up to the individual how quick they stretch as my ear is fine afetr a week of it being stretched severely.


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